Anita Pouchard Serra

Visual storyteller and photojournalist
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: Argentinian
Biography: Visual storyteller and Photojournalist // Born in 1985 // Buenos Aires, Latin-America and paris //  former architect and anthropologist French-Argentinian photojournalist and visual storyteller, based in Buenos Aires Aires and working in... read on
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THE TURNING POINT, ongoing project with the IWMF
anita pouchard serra
Feb 22, 2021
Location: Buenos Aires
I'm glad to finally be able to start this project about abortion rigths in Argentina's farest provinces thanks to the support of the Internationa Women's Media foundation!
First step : San Martin de los Andes

Grantees – Reproductive health - IWMF
We are happy to announce that the IWMF has selected eighteen grantees to report on untold stories surrounding Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico. Reporting is on hold. ...


Also by Anita Pouchard Serra —

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[Assignment ] COVID 19 cases in Argentina for Bloomberg

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Buenos Aires Issues Vaccine Passport As Covid-19 Cases Rise In Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina, on..
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[PHOTOZINE] "Espera(nza), 2 nights of votation of the abortion law in Argentina".

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — The photozine contains portraits and testimonies of women who attended the vigils for the vote on the law..

[COMMISSION] Radioscopy of France, by National French Library - BNF

By Anita Pouchard Serra / paris — IT'S OFFICIAL / C'EST OFFICIEL! My project " ALGERIA(S), a mosaic of heirs " has been..

[ASSIGNMENT] Meat industry in Argentina for NZZ

By Anita Pouchard Serra — I'm glad to share my first collaboration with NZZ with this story about the meat industry in Argentina..
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The Washington Post: Living and dying with covid

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Living and dying with covid, “It has a therapeutic action with the hug ... In three minutes you can..
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[AWARD] UN-Migration award for South American Journalism about migrations

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — Very excited about the UN-Migration South American journalism award for the work "Migrant women facing..

Spiegel: Tango, the impossible hug

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — Really happy to see my project " Tango, the imposible hug" published today in Der Spiegel. This..
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By Anita Pouchard Serra / New York City — Behind a small achievement, there are always many failures ! Happy to be part of the new batch of Eddie..
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[PUBLICATION + GRANT] Domestic workers in Argentina

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — During the last months I've been working with Natalie Alcoba on the situation of household workers in..
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[ASSIGNMENT] Rest of World

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — My last contribution for Rest of World is such inspiring! Check out the story of young musicians who could..
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[WORKSHOP] At the National Association of Hispanic journalists

By Anita Pouchard Serra / washington dc — I'm so honoured to represent the Pulitzer Center at the National Association of Hispanics journalists..

[GRANT] Reina & Abdelbaki project!

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Oran — My project "REINA, ABDELBAKI, ANITA : Conversations between Buenos Aires, Paris and Oran" just..
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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Food Prices Soar, Compounding Woes of World's Poor

By Anita Pouchard Serra — For my first assignment forThe Wall Street Journal, I spent time with Pablo Perez, from the NGO La Plata..
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Portrait for Rest Of World

By Anita Pouchard Serra — My first assignment for Rest Of World,with a portrait of Claire Diaz Ortiz, a buisness angel empowering..
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VICE: "Como no perder el abrazo"

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Glad to share my first publication of a small part of my project "TANGO, the impossible..
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Le Monde Magazine - Assignement

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — I'm really happy to share my first assignment for M Le Monde, the print magazine about the legalization..

BLOOMBERG : The Year in pictures

By Anita Pouchard Serra — Glad to see two pictures of my work for Bloomberg in Paris and Buenos Aires, part of the selection "..
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The New York Times: Mourning at the Places Where ‘El Dios’ Walked

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — Excited to share my first commission for the NYTimes, about the days of mourning for Diego Maradona, an..

Le Monde: Maradona's death

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Work in collaboration with Aude Villiers Moriamé after the anoucement of Maradona's deatth in..
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" Tango, the impossible hug" with the support of the Emergency Fund for jounalists by National Geographic Society

By Anita Pouchard Serra — I'm happy to share the work in progress made in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the impact of the pandemic..
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Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting Grant

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — I'm glad to share that my project " Immigrant women workers at the front of COVID 19 in Buenos..


By Anita Pouchard Serra — Foto Féminas presents: Welcome to..
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Visual storytelling and transmedia workshop in Washington DC. February 7 to 9

By Anita Pouchard Serra — Expanding the Visual Narrative: New Methods of Storytelling Weekend Workshop in Washington DC + live..

We, Women grantee

By Anita Pouchard Serra — Glad to announce than with the collective project Welcome to Intipuca City I'm a recipient of the first..
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