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Visual storyteller and photojournalist
[Assignment ] COVID 19 cases in Argentina for Bloomberg
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: Argentinian
Biography: Visual storyteller and Photojournalist // Born in 1985 // Buenos Aires, Latin-America and paris //  former architect and anthropologist French-Argentinian photojournalist and visual storyteller, based in Buenos Aires Aires and working in... read on
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[Assignment ] COVID 19 cases in Argentina for Bloomberg
anita pouchard serra
Dec 30, 2021
Location: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Issues Vaccine Passport As Covid-19 Cases Rise In Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021. Argentina reported 33,902 new Covid-19 cases Tuesday, bringing the total to 5,514,207, according to Health Ministry data. Photographer: Anita Pouchard Serra/Bloomberg


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[PHOTOZINE] "Espera(nza), 2 nights of votation of the abortion law in Argentina".

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — The photozine contains portraits and testimonies of women who attended the vigils for the vote on the law..

[COMMISSION] Radioscopy of France, by National French Library - BNF

By Anita Pouchard Serra / paris — IT'S OFFICIAL / C'EST OFFICIEL! My project " ALGERIA(S), a mosaic of heirs " has been..

[ASSIGNMENT] Meat industry in Argentina for NZZ

By Anita Pouchard Serra — I'm glad to share my first collaboration with NZZ with this story about the meat industry in Argentina..
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The Washington Post: Living and dying with covid

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Living and dying with covid, “It has a therapeutic action with the hug ... In three minutes you can..
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[AWARD] UN-Migration award for South American Journalism about migrations

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — Very excited about the UN-Migration South American journalism award for the work "Migrant women facing..

Spiegel: Tango, the impossible hug

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — Really happy to see my project " Tango, the imposible hug" published today in Der Spiegel. This..
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By Anita Pouchard Serra / New York City — Behind a small achievement, there are always many failures ! Happy to be part of the new batch of Eddie..
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[PUBLICATION + GRANT] Domestic workers in Argentina

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — During the last months I've been working with Natalie Alcoba on the situation of household workers in..
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[ASSIGNMENT] Rest of World

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — My last contribution for Rest of World is such inspiring! Check out the story of young musicians who could..
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[WORKSHOP] At the National Association of Hispanic journalists

By Anita Pouchard Serra / washington dc — I'm so honoured to represent the Pulitzer Center at the National Association of Hispanics journalists..

[GRANT] Reina & Abdelbaki project!

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Oran — My project "REINA, ABDELBAKI, ANITA : Conversations between Buenos Aires, Paris and Oran" just..
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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Food Prices Soar, Compounding Woes of World's Poor

By Anita Pouchard Serra — For my first assignment forThe Wall Street Journal, I spent time with Pablo Perez, from the NGO La Plata..
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Portrait for Rest Of World

By Anita Pouchard Serra — My first assignment for Rest Of World,with a portrait of Claire Diaz Ortiz, a buisness angel empowering..
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THE TURNING POINT, ongoing project with the IWMF

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — I'm glad to finally be able to start this project about abortion rigths in Argentina's farest..
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VICE: "Como no perder el abrazo"

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Glad to share my first publication of a small part of my project "TANGO, the impossible..
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Le Monde Magazine - Assignement

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — I'm really happy to share my first assignment for M Le Monde, the print magazine about the legalization..

BLOOMBERG : The Year in pictures

By Anita Pouchard Serra — Glad to see two pictures of my work for Bloomberg in Paris and Buenos Aires, part of the selection "..
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The New York Times: Mourning at the Places Where ‘El Dios’ Walked

By Anita Pouchard Serra / buenos aires — Excited to share my first commission for the NYTimes, about the days of mourning for Diego Maradona, an..

Le Monde: Maradona's death

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — Work in collaboration with Aude Villiers Moriamé after the anoucement of Maradona's deatth in..
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" Tango, the impossible hug" with the support of the Emergency Fund for jounalists by National Geographic Society

By Anita Pouchard Serra — I'm happy to share the work in progress made in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the impact of the pandemic..
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Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting Grant

By Anita Pouchard Serra / Buenos Aires — I'm glad to share that my project " Immigrant women workers at the front of COVID 19 in Buenos..


By Anita Pouchard Serra — Foto Féminas presents: Welcome to..
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Visual storytelling and transmedia workshop in Washington DC. February 7 to 9

By Anita Pouchard Serra — Expanding the Visual Narrative: New Methods of Storytelling Weekend Workshop in Washington DC + live..

We, Women grantee

By Anita Pouchard Serra — Glad to announce than with the collective project Welcome to Intipuca City I'm a recipient of the first..
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