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Open Call: f2 Foto Residency Opportunity
Open Call

f2 Foto Residency Opportunity

The FOTEA Foundation under the Uganda Press Photo Award is partnering up with F2 Foto Festival in Dortmund, Germany to award one promising Ugandan documentary photographer with the opportunity to undertake a 2-month paid residency in Dortmund, from May 1st to June 30th of 2021. The resident will work towards accomplishing a documentary project on the topic of Identity. This project will form part of the festival exhibition, which will take place from June 17th to June 27th 2021.
Deadline: August 1, 2020

Status: Closed


August 1, 2020 (11:59 PM, EST)


Submissions are closed.

Brief & Application Procedure

  • • All submissions are made via a Story uploaded from the Visura platform.
  • • The contest is restricted to Ugandan citizens.
  • • As part of your submission, written in English, you should include:
    1. - A portfolio of 25 images. If there are publications or a documentation of your work, please combine with five images maximum. You should specify in their captions when and where they were published.
    2. - A motivation letter explaining why you are the best person to take on this opportunity, and how you hope to benefit from it. Why would you like to work in Germany? Max 200 words. 
    3. - A project proposal or written essay, max 800 words. This should include the title/name of your project idea, as well as the project concept. Remember that you’re proposing a project to be made and photographed in Dortmund, so you should endeavour to do some research to make your proposal as realistic and achievable as possible. Please keep in mind that you will be expected to accomplish this proposal in a limited amount of time so it should be clear and concise and you should be able to defend it when called upon. You might want to consider continuing a project you’ve already started in Uganda and look at similar issues in Germany, or you might want to develop a completely new concept and explore being a stranger in an unknown land. 
    4. - A CV of your career. This can include where you’ve been published, exhibitions you’ve been part of, projects you’ve worked on. If possible please link to documentation of these accomplishments. Please keep it to a maximum of one A4 page long.
  • • One proposal per photographer will be considered. In the case of multiple submissions being received from a single photographer only the first proposal received will be considered.
  • • While there will be no restrictions to technical quality of the images submitted, applicants are expected to submit their best quality images.
  • • Images must have accurate captions, written in English only, and contain adequate information which should include:
    1. - Description of who is in the photograph and what is going on within the photo.
    2. - Name of the place where the picture was made.
    3. - Provide the date the photo was made.
    4. - Captions must give context for what’s not seen (e.g. the scene of walking pilgrims).
  • • Only submissions uploaded via the Visura platform by the August 1st 2020 deadline will be accepted.
  • • The applications will be reviewed by a jury who will select the winner who will take on the residency.
  • Notice: Any correspondence with judges pertaining to the judging process will be grounds for disqualification.