Cody O'Loughlin

Woods Hole Research Center
Location: Boston
Biography: Cody O'Loughlin is a photographer based in Boston, MA. He is interested in photographing changing landscapes and stories of courage. Recent editorial clients include: Popular Mechanics, EnRoute, Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review,... read on
Woods Hole Research Center
cody o'loughlin
May 13, 2019
Location: Woods Hole
Phil Duffy of the Woods Hole Research Center. Phil is a climate scientist who worked in the White House with the Obama administration. He was telling me about the secret negotiations he had with the Chinese leading up to the Paris Climate Accord and about the center's permafrost research in the Arctic. Needless to say it was a super interesting assignment.

Worked with photo editor Brent Lewis of the New York Times for this portrait assignment.


By Cody O'Loughlin —

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