Cody O'Loughlin

Neri Oxman
Location: Boston
Biography: Cody O'Loughlin is a photographer based in Boston, MA. He is interested in photographing changing landscapes and stories of courage. Recent editorial clients include: Popular Mechanics, EnRoute, Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review,... read on
Neri Oxman
cody o'loughlin
Oct 10, 2018
Recently I photographed Neri Oxman in her lab at the MIT Media Center in Cambridge, MA for NYT Styles. Neri was lovely to chat with and very gracious with her time. She showed me all sorts of 3D printed materials her team is working on as well as squid ink pigment, silk worm sculptures, and plastic alternatives. Neri is brilliant and inspirational and it was a privilege to spend some time with her and photographer her portrait. 
    Who Is Neri Oxman?
          A star of M.I.T.’s Media Lab working in “material ecology,” she has intrigued Björk, Brad Pitt and the Cooper Hewitt.

By Cody O'Loughlin —

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