Jess DiPierro Obert

Ti David
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Jess DiPierro Obert is a visual journalist and filmmaker based between New York and Haiti, where she has lived for 5 years (2016-2021). She is focused on reporting on stories related to women, abortion rights, human rights, immigration, identity,... MORE
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Ti David
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Updated Jun 2020
Location Haiti
Topics Adolescence, Community, Documentary, Featured Film, Film, Haiti, Health/Healing, Human Rights, Religion, Spirituality, Video, Videos
Little David works as a guide at a sacred waterfall in Saut D’Eau, Haiti. Thousands of Catholics and Vodouisants flock to the waterfall each year seeking divine healing. The short film explores the boys who work informally at tourist attractions such as these, and the complex power dynamics in its midst. 

Directed by Ben Kitnick & Jess Obert
Featuring David Reme & Ricardo Elisme
Produced by Abel Maurius & Jess Obert
Cinematography by Saxon Richardson
Edited by Saxon Richardson & Ben Kitnick
Translation by Maureen Plaisimond & Kelly Paulemon
Color by Nick Stromberg & Saxon Richardson
Driver Oniel Benjamin
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Ti David by Jess Obert
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