Michael Webster

mw hit and run Detroit
Location: 47620
Nationality: American
Biography:   I am an American photographer, currently living in the United States.  I find it  hard to classify myself. We can take photography in so many different directions these days. I like to wander through all kinds of different... read on
Private Story
mw hit and run Detroit
Credits: michael webster
Updated: 05/17/16
Location: Detroit
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Wherein I parachute into Detroit for a few days and slap together a photo essay. A hit-and-run, so to speak. 

The best way to view the story is to put on Iggy Pop's, "Sunday" from his new release. That's what I listened to while doing the editing. I recommend clicking throught the essay at least fifteen or twenty times while listening to the song over and over again. Then, slog through it one last time reading the captions. Iggy, if no one else, will thank you.