Isaac Henry Muwanguzi

Photographer / Based in uganda

Isaac is an ingenious and idea-oriented 'big picture thinking' photographer. He has expertise in photography, videography, illustrating and drawing. He is also proficient in the core adobe suite, particularly in Illustrator,... read on
Focus: Photojournalist, Filmmaker, Journalist, Advertising, Street Art, Editor, Entertainment, Travel, Sports, Video Editor, Still Life, Fashion, Fine Art, Illustrator, Multimedia, Video, Film, Photo Editor, Creative Director, Art Director, Portraiture, Illustration, Stock, Lifestyle, Events, Art, Interactive Graphics, Arts & Culture, Journalist Investigative, Assignments, Cinematography, Creative Executive, Visual Communications , Artist, Commercials, Short Films, Feature Films, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Designer, Logo Designer, Photoshop Artist, Brand Identity Designer, Film Editor, Editorial, Photo Shoots, Editing, Storyteller, Visual Artist