Stacy Renee Morrison

Artist, Photographer, 19th Century Detective
The Girl of My Dreams
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Stacy Renee Morrison often forgets what century it is.  She finds herself haunted by woman who lived their own lives well before her own. They will not let her go nor will she let herself go. These women of the past might be seen as an... MORE
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The Girl of My Dreams
Copyright Stacy Morrison 2023
Updated Jun 2020
Topics Arts, Beauty, Becoming, Civil War, Conceptual, Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Exposing History, Fashion, Feminism, Film Stills, Fine Art, Freedom, Gender, Historical, Historical art project, History, Landscape, Mixed Medium, New York City, Photography, Portraiture, research, Rhode Island, Spirituality, Still life, strong women, Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander, the girl of my dreams, Womens Rights

My photographs examine the life of Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander (1841-1925). Our story begins with a small trunk abandoned on a New York City street. I utilize the primary materials which remain from her life to subjectively re-tell her story.  I haunt the places she has been, read her journals, wear her clothing, and contemplate her once lived life.  I imagine backwards, an apparition in her bygone era.  She visits me in the present in my dreams.  These photographs are born in a space I think of as "no-when."  No-when takes place in both the 19th century and the present.  It is a fictional place where Sylvia and I exist together. The photographs on the site represent a small sample from a much larger body of work.

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