Stacy Renee Morrison

Artist, Photographer, 19th Century Detective
Half-Way (Collages)
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Stacy Renee Morrison often forgets what century it is.  She finds herself haunted by woman who lived their own lives well before her own. They will not let her go nor will she let herself go. These women of the past might be seen as an... MORE
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Half-Way (Collages)
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Updated Aug 2021
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Topics Abandonment, Auschwitz, Beauty, Black and White, Conceptual, Design, Documentary, Emotion, Exposing History, Faith, Fear, Film Stills, Fine Art, Historical Art Project, Holocaust, Landscape, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Photography, Poland, Portraiture, school girls, School/College, Spotlight, Still life, Teens

Half-Way to the Rail Station in the Hot Summer Weather

This series is the second part to the elegy to the lives and deaths of my great-aunts who perished in the Holocaust. These collages consider why some of my family immigrated to the United States and some stayed behind in Poland and the consequences of these fateful decisions.  Using original Life Magazine issues spanning the years of World War II, these pieces explore an unsolvable question through the collective memory and forgetting of the family; often directly referencing stories and photographs from the family archive.

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