mara klein

Location: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: Born and based in Berlin, I specialise in travel and reportage photography with an emphasis on long-term projects that allow me to build relationships with people. I am fascinated by language in all its forms - words, images, the stories we choose... read on
Public Story
Credits: mara klein
Date of Work: 03/10/16 - 07/20/16
Updated: 04/20/18
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Brazil is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, with a total of four million plant and animal species, and forests covering half of the country’s surface. At the same, and in line with the motto Order and Progress embossed in its flag, the exploitation of its riches has made Brazil the ninth biggest economy in the world.

In Portuguese, the official language of a country of more than 180 indigenous languages, the word “exploracao” refers to both exploration and exploitation. This non- distinction caught my eye – where could the link be between these two radically different meanings of entering a space? Thus began a photographic journey to capture the blurry boundary between exploration and exploitation in Brazil.


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