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In the Realm of Reflections
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Michael Nguyen via Visura
Asset ID: VA66127
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Nguyen, 2022
Collection: Art Feature
Location: Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Europe
Topics: Architecture Art Documentary Editorial Essays Feature Journalism Photography

Michael Nguyen

Based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Most of the time, Michael Nguyen focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul. “With my camera I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday...
Also by Michael Nguyen —
Hamburg, Germany
# 3769
Reflections in the facade of the ARCOTEL Onyx Hotel near the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. The facade of the hotel captivates with sharp contours and shimmering exterior surfaces. The construction with a glass curtain wall is reminiscent of the crystal Onyx. The contours mimic the sharp edges of a crystal. Glass elements and vacuum panels were combined as flush window structures. The square windows with circular gradient print on the edge were integrated flush with the façade structure. At night, the internally illuminated transparent surfaces act as spotlights directed at the building structure. The glass facade was screen-printed with a special ink. The rear glasses are enameled. BRT Architects LLP, Bothe, Richter, Teherani.
Munich, Germany 
# 3758
The Brandhorst Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the Kunstareal district of Maxvorstadt in Munich has a colorful facade designed in a total of 23 different colors, consisting of three different color families. A total of 36,000 square, vertically mounted ceramic rods are placed at some distance from each other in front of the concrete walls. Depending on the viewing angle and distance, the viewer is presented with different visual impressions. Architects Sauerbruch Hutton.
Berlin, Germany
# 3745
Reflection of a window front in a glass pane facade.
Freising, Germany
# 3724
Reflection of houses and a red and white construction site fence in front of a construction site in a curved glass facade.
Saarbrücken, Germany 
# 3682
Reflections of buildings in a window.
Erlangen, Germany
# 3676
With its color and lighting concept, the Gerbereitunnel invites visitors to cross into Erlangen's historic city center. A cyclist is reflected threefold in the glass facades of the tunnel.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
# 3643
Reflection of the two golden towers of the Palace of the Court of Justice in the European Quarter (Luxembourg) in the windshield, hood and roof of a parked car. The European Court of Justice (ECJ), located in Luxembourg, is the supreme judicial body of the European Union (EU). Altogether, the buildings of the ECJ on the Kirchberg Plateau housing the administration for the judges of the EU Court. Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris/F with Paczowski & Fritsch, Luxembourg and m3 Architectes, London/GB
Leipzig, Germany 
# 3703
A man stands in the night in front of an illuminated glass cylinder, in which is a staircase access to an underground car park. The scene is reflected in the water  of a fountain on Augustusplatz in front of the Opera Leipzig.
Leipzig, Germany 
# 3699
A woman crosses the column garden of the banking institution Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank, (SAB) at night. The columns are reflected in the water of a fountain.
Ulm. Germany
# 3674
A tourist in Ulm main station. He is reflected twice in the glass facades of the staircase. Below him light plays on the steps of the staircase access to the platform.
Saarbrücken, Germany
# 3657
Reflections in a Deutsche Bahn glass tower at a train station.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
# 3632
Reflections in the facade of Galeries Lafayette Luxembourg. By the roadside # 3632 - Luxembourg
The Hague, The Netherlands
# 3614
In a round window under a staircase at The Hague Centraal station, reflections of the bus station and a red bus.
Regensburg, Germany
# 3573
The glass facade of a shopping center reflects Woken and the surrounding area. Next to it the round building of a parking garage.
Düsseldorf, Germany 
# 3491
Buildings are reflected in a round window in the Media Harbour in Düsseldorf.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
# 3494
Reflection of the Blaak Tower residential tower in the glass facade of the Rotterdam market hall, the Markthal. The building's pointed roof has earned it the nickname Pencil. It is one of the most distinctive buildings in Rotterdam and, with the adjacent cube houses, forms a famous landmark of the city.
Cologne, Germany 
# 3496
Office building showing reflections of houses in the glass facade.
Neuss, Germany 
# 3466
A building with a modern glass facade reflecting the clouds of the sky is built in front of an old house.
Berlin, Germany
# 3479
A tourist excursion boat anchored on the Spree River in Berlin is reflected in the water.
Düsseldorf, Germany
# 3456
An Asian woman stands on a sidewalk in the Japanese Quarter and looks at her mobile. Her body is reflected in a marble wall of a building.
The Hague, The Netherlands
# 3450
Platform of the metro station in The Hague Central Station. Numerous reflections can be seen in the front window of a waiting train.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands  
# 3444
Art Depot in the Rotterdam Museum Park: The 40-metre-high, six-storey depot in Rotterdam's Museum Park on 25 May 2022. It has a mirrored facade with a total area of 6609 square metres and was opened by the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, designed by the architectural firm MVRDV. The surroundings are reflected in the façade of the museum.
Berlin, Germany 
# 3373
Close-up of the glass facade of the Futurium, in which a sculpture is reflected. On the southern forecourt of the exhibition building on Alexanderufer in Berlin-Mitte stands a kinetic sculpture entitled "Torque" (Drehmoment). A rotating plate, 4 m × 15 m, is dynamically balanced on a pole. The artwork will be on view in motion for one hour every noon. The Berlin artist group "realities:united" had won the open "Art on a Building" competition with this in 2016.
Munich, Germany
# 3341
Reflection of the BMW Museum in the glass facade of BMW World.
Dresden, Germany
# 3224
An old building is reflected in the panes of a glass facade of an office building.
Dresden, Germany
# 3223
Yellow bicycle of a letter carrier of Deutsche Post is parked in front of a house. The letter carrier is standing at the house entrance with letters in his right hand. Both a reflection in a large glass pane.
Leipzig, Germany
# 3204
Reflection of an apartment high-rise in a glass pane in the extension of 2011 of the German National Library Leipzig, above the name lettering Tung. A man stands in front of it and looks through the glass pane.
Dresden, Germany
# 3191
A man walks past a parked motorcycle. A house on the opposite side of the street is reflected in the motorcycle's rearview mirror.
Munich, Germany 
# 3148
View of the back of the Lenbachhaus, a building that houses an art museum in Munich's Kunstareal. Between two doors at the top of the outer wall are two surveillance cameras. On the left, a large glass window reflects a man from the opposite pavement. His body is divided by a red neon tube from an interior room of the museum.

Salzburg, Austria
# 3130
A woman rides her bicycle in an underpass of a train station. Above her is a circular opening through which light enters and casts a semicircular reflection on the wall. Exactly in this the woman is depicted.
Planegg (Martinsried), Germany
# 1624
Campus Martinsried is a campus of research institutions in the Martinsried district of the Upper Bavarian municipality of Planegg in the immediate vicinity of the Munich district of Großhadern. It houses the Biozentrum of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), the Innovations- und Gründerzentrum Biotechnologie (IZB), the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry and the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology. The Großhadern Campus of the LMU Hospital is in the immediate vicinity.
Garching, Munich
# 1427
Reflection of a bicyclist in the Munich subway station Garching Forschungszentrum.
Pullach, Germany
# 3090
Two men doing stand-up paddling (SUP). It is a water sport in which an athlete stands upright on a buoyant board (stand-up paddle board) and paddles with a stand-up paddle.
Alpsee, Hohenschwangau, Germany 
# 3032
King Ludwig’s Royal castle Hohenschwangau reflected in the Alpsee.
Venice, Italy
# 2773
Magnificent reflection of a palazzo in the water of a small canal in the centre of Venice. On the left in the foreground parts of three gondolas.
Gauting, Germany
# 758
The Gauting outdoor swimming pool was reserved exclusively for the Olympic athletes in August 1972. Mark Spitz ("the shark") prepared in this pool for his 7 gold medals and world records.

„I really love the series of swimming pool pictures one after the other“ Maggie Steber

Ulm, Germany 
# 2706
View of the Danube river. A man is rowing in his boat, next to him, reflections of houses in the water to the left and right.
Nuremberg, Germany 
# 2349
Two small windows in an exterior wall separated by a rain gutter. In the windows mirror images of old industrial buildings.
Tutzing, Germany
# 1284
Reflections of a modern house in windows of the building opposite. In the foreground a delimiting wall construction.
When walking to a lake in Tutzing my eyes wandered the landscape, and my mind drifted into trains of thoughts. An interesting new apartment building with a massive fence in front caught my eyes. I wondered: Is living in a big, stylish, modern apartment really different from my living in a modest nest by the Gautinger woods, where I can always see through my windows vast stripes of trees? What would the people there see every day? Of course, they see things through their eyes. The eyes, in turn, see things through the windows. The windows become the eyes. If we look closer, really closer, we see what others see in the reflection of the world IN their eyes. Sometimes darker. Sometimes rosier. Sometimes obstructed by a wall, physical or mental. Beautiful. Distorted: The Eyes of concrete bodies
Munich, Germany
# 1696
Reflections of busses in the windows of the MAN Truck & Bus Group. The MAN Munich site is the main plant and the location of the central administration. The Munich Allach plant manufactures trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 18 to 41 tonnes and cabs.
Munich, Germany
# 1697
Reflections of trucks in the windows of the MAN Truck & Bus Group. The MAN Munich site is the main plant and the location of the central administration. The Munich Allach plant manufactures trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 18 to 41 tonnes and cabs.
Munich, Germany 
# 1455
Reflection of a young man walking through an underpass in Schwabing-Freimann.
Nuremberg, Germany
# 2400
Two young men are reflected in the glass pane of a shoe store. One of them takes a photo of the other with his cell phone.
Leipzig, Germany
# 3201
The BioCube in Bio City Leipzig, a state-of-the-art office and laboratory building was inaugurated in 2013. A technology and start-up center in the field of biotechnology.The architecture firm Spengler-Wiescholek designed a striking four-story structure with an anodized aluminum façade clad in red tones. Part of an old house and Graffiti from a house opposite is reflected in the windows.