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World in Reflection - The Swimming Pool where Mark Spitz trained for the 1972 Olympics in Munich
Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: “Michael Nguyen is a photographic poet whose lens is trained on the small and ordinary, but through his subjective perspective, he transforms them into something extraordinary, imbuing them with a new soul. His photography is a masterful... MORE
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World in Reflection - The Swimming Pool where Mark Spitz trained for the 1972 Olympics in Munich
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Date of Work Nov 2021 - Nov 2020
Updated Dec 2023
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The Gauting outdoor swimming pool was reserved exclusively for the Olympic athletes in August 1972 during the Olympic Games in Munich. Mark Spitz, the shark, prepared in this pool for his 7 gold medals and world records.

„I really love the series of swimming pool pictures one after the other“
Maggie Steber

Michael Nguyen had the opportunity to photograph in the winter of 2020 before the first snowfall in the summer pool Gauting. He entered a fascinating world of water reflections. 2020 has been a turbulent year. But also a quiet year for some. Like swimming pools, which in Summer usually are heavily frequented otherwise. But it's also a chance for them to be calm finally.

Their water is more clear, more peaceful. In turn, they give trees, birds, houses, and us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop and reflect. To see the world both at its most chaotic and most serene. And to see ourselves: World in Reflection - Surprisingly wondrous and spectacular is Michael Nguyens view of reflections in the water of the summer pool.

The caption texts documents the story about the history of the Gauting Outdoor Pool and is written by Regine Hilpert-Greger. She is an archivist of the municipality of Gauting.
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World in Reflection - The Swimming Pool where Mark Spitz trained for the 1972 Olympics in Munich by Michael Nguyen
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