Maryam Turaki

Identity and The Nigerian Woman
Location: Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Maryam Turaki (b. 1991) is a documentary photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria, driven by a passion for humanity and life.  She focuses on humanitarian, cultural, social stories, education, and human rights issues in Africa. She... read on
Public Story
Identity and The Nigerian Woman
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Date of Work 06/08/20 - Ongoing
Updated 11/06/20
Location Abuja, Nigeria
In Nigeria, a woman's identity is usually defined by society and religion. She is told how to live, what religion to practice, how to love, how to live her life, when to marry, how many children she should have, whether or not she should be educated or even have a job. Society and Religion have largely dictated the box a woman should fit. The project focuses on Nigerian women and their identity. For these women their identity is theirs, they decide what makes their identity and how their life is lived, without fear and overcoming the fears. The project seeks to ask and find what identity means to the Nigerian woman and what expressing that identity is like in Nigeria.