Maryam Turaki

Fashioning a Business
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Maryam Turaki (b. 1991) is a documentary photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria, driven by a passion for humanity and life.  She focuses on humanitarian, cultural, social stories, education, and human rights issues in Africa. She... MORE
Public Story
Fashioning a Business
Copyright Maryam Turaki 2023
Date of Work Sep 2021 - Sep 2021
Updated Jul 2023
Motapwa Ismaila-Azinge, a mother and fashion designer, loved to create elaborate dresses when she was young. She has since built a business around that hobby — sharing her fashion sense with Nigerian women for weddings, church and everyday wear.
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Fashioning a Business by Maryam Turaki
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