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Associate Director
Foley Gallery
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Sherri was born in Wisconsin and raised in Central Florida. After spending a couple years in Georgia, she moved to New York City. She currently works as an independent curator, as a technician at Parsons School of Design, and as the associate... read on
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printmaking / risograph scholarship opportunity
sherri littlefield
Mar 3, 2018

treat gallery is pleased to announce a collaboration with Authorized to Work in the US. We are releasing a juried competition that will cover expenses for one artist to participate in a monthly risograph subscription for 6 months (April - September 2018.) Jurors Cem Koçyıldırım and Sherri Littlefield will select the scholarship recipient.

WHAT'S A RISOGRAPH? /// Risograph is a digital duplicator with a process very similar to screenprinting. Risographs print one color at a time, so for every color, the color drum in the machine has to be changed by the operator. Even though they were invented for office use, they quickly became an artist tool thanks to their vibrant colors, speed and efficiency.

HOW YOU COME IN / ELIGIBILITY /// You must be 18+ years of age, based anywhere in the United States. You will send images, collages or prints (via e-mail) directly to Authorized to Work in the U.S. We are looking for originality and a willingness to experiment with another medium.

WHAT WE COVER /// The cost of the subscription service ($60/month, for 6 months) for the selected artist or designer who wishes to self-publish. Every month, the accepted artist will get 1-2 color prints of their work in a limited edition of 50. The possibilities are endless with the prints. You can sell them, online or in-person at events, have giveaways to drive social media engagements. You can do portfolio exchanges with other artists. 

ABOUT /// treat gallery is an online gallery aiming to help businesses and individuals throughout the boroughs of New York City. We have 3-4 pop-up exhibitions a year. With every pop-up show, we donate 25% or more to a various cause or non-profit. Authorized to Work in the US emerged from a foreign artist’s struggle for his work authorization in the United States. At the moment, he is authorized to work in the US for 3 more years and he uses his time in the United States to publish new work by local and international artists. He is also managing his own projects ranging from clothing to electronics and many more. 

Deadline is March 31st, 2018. APPLY BY CLICKING HERE

CONTACT /// | 203-548-7328 |

treat gallery + Authorized to Work in the US
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