Sherri Littlefield

Associate Director
Foley Gallery
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Sherri was born in Wisconsin and raised in Central Florida. After spending a couple years in Georgia, she moved to New York City. She currently works as an independent curator, as a technician at Parsons School of Design, and as the associate... read on
From My Blog: I'm not lucky
sherri littlefield
Dec 5, 2016

I'm excited to announce that I accepted an offer as Associate Director of Foley Gallery.

and I have something to say.

Over the past few days, I've had a lot of people say "oh, wow you're lucky!" or "how'd you land that job?" or something along those lines. I had similar reactions when I got hired at SCAD immediately out of grad school and even now, when I get featured in publications and exhibitions.

While I do feel lucky, I'm not lucky. I worked really, really hard. I applied for about 110 positions between March through August of this year. I interviewed for 28, and turned down a dozen. I'm most surprised that some people with these reactions knew me in college when I worked at Kohl's to pay for my education/housing, or know that I briefly worked at Designer Shoe Warehouse when I moved here because I wasn't full time at the previous gallery.

Don't tell me I'm lucky to have gotten to where I am, or act like this fell into my lap, because it didn't. I had to fight for it.

I've had to prove to people that my MFA from a school-they've-never-heard-of is of value. I've had to prove to people that I genuinely want to donate proceeds from art exhibitions to charities and non-profits, and that there's nothing in it for me, (REALLY!) other than wanting to help. I think I'll always want to help others, in any position I'm employed in. If you're still reading... I credit my success to stickin' to my guns.

I turned down an appealing offer in mid-summer because the schedule wouldn't have allowed me to attend church. They weren't even considering me leaving early (to attend) as an option, so I no longer considered THEM an option. Why should such an important aspect of my life, my faith - become second to my career? I had faith a better position would come along, and it did. 

Let's talk about my new boss. I have to admit, it's a little crazy to become the associate director of a gallery I studied about a bit while I was in college. I'm excited to work with contemporary photography again, and I had so many great friends and former supervisors reach out to Foley Gallery to recommend me. Blessed is the word I'm looking for... but "Lucky?" Pass.


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