Lisa Elmaleh

Daily Self Portrait 2012-2013
Location: Paw Paw, WV
Nationality: American
Biography: Lisa Elmaleh’s work is an exploration of rural America. Using a portable darkroom in the back of her truck, Elmaleh photographs using the nineteenth century wet plate collodion process. Elmaleh is a West Virginia based photographer and... read on
Public Story
Daily Self Portrait 2012-2013
Credits: lisa elmaleh
Updated: 02/08/21
In 2012, I felt the earth move beneath my feet where I did not choose to step.  I slipped into a depression, the kind, if you know it, that’s sticky, that blankets everything.  I decided to make a project of it – a daily regimen of self-portraiture, a penance that must be completed once daily, to force myself to examine my own person.  To make this penance complete, I was to use the 8x10 camera – the farthest thing, in my mind, from a snapshot camera – the 8x10 is a camera that has to be meditated on for even just the act of setting up.  I did this daily for an entire year, and then some – it was hard to stop once I started.  These are a selection of images from that body of work.  

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