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Ricchina's Wedding
Location: Sag Harbor, New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Born and raised in suburban Detroit, Lindsay Morris resides on the East End of Long Island with her husband and two sons. Since 2006, she has worked as photo editor for Edible East End and Edible Long Island magazines, where she documents the... read on
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Ricchina's Wedding
Credits: lindsay morris
Date of Work: 06/01/15 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/25/17

Ricchina’s Wedding

This project documents the surprise wedding-themed birthday of a twenty-five

year old woman with Down syndrome.

It’s difficult not to notice Ricchina. When she and her mother Janice boarded the

car on the broken down Amtrak train in Charlottesville bound for New York, we

had been stalled on the tracks for nearly four hours. Ricchina sat by the window

with her elegant hand in her mother’s palm and gazed outward. The light on her

face was soft and even. As the train finally departed and began swaying gently,

she turned and smiled at her mother, then surprisingly at me. Only then was it

apparent that she had Down Syndrome.

Ricchina’s mother Janice is a pretty, extrovert from south Philly. The two of them

have recently returned to Philadelphia to live with Janice’s ninety-two year old

mother, having retreated from Las Vegas after an unspeakable break up. As we

sat side by side, Janice struck up a lively conversation explaining to me that

Ricchina was about to have her 25th birthday and that she dreamed of getting

married. Janice, who cleans houses in addition to two other jobs to make ends

meet, was planning a surprise wedding-themed birthday party for Ricchina

complete with a custom made gown, a rented hall to be stocked with adoring

relatives, a limo and all the wedding trappings, in an attempt to bring her

daughter’s dream to life. There is no groom.

Ricchina depends on Janice for most things. It was my intention while

documenting this story, to describe the complex bond that this mother and

daughter nurture within one another. The photographs explore the challenging

relationship between these two women and the caring family members who

support them.


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