Lilian Manansala

Video Journalist, Writer, Director, Choreographer
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Biography: Lilian Manansala is a video journalist, writer, director and choreographer. She reports on the intersections of politics, sociology, culture, women's rights, equality, and human rights. She is currently a Video Production Fellow at the News... read on
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Date of Work 07/19/17 - 11/16/17
Updated 12/30/20

Winner BEST MUSIC VIDEO Mobile Motion Film Festival 2018.
Screening June 9, 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Winner BEST DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY (April) for Oniros Film Awards Finalist
BEST MUSIC VIDEO (April) Oniros Film Awards
Finalist for Swindon Independent Film Festival
Semi-finalist for Los Angeles Cinefest
Semi-finalist at Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne
Semi-finalist at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (for Best Music Video and Best Director Music Video)
Honorable Mention for Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival
2018 Official Selection at European Cinefest Golden Nika
Official Selection at Los Angeles Film Awards
Official Selection at Sunlight International Film Festival
Official Selection at Katra Film Series
Official Selection at Divulge Dancers' Film Festival
Official Selection at Kerry Film Festival
Official Selection at Providence Children's Film Festival
Official Selection at Children's Film Festival Seattle
Official Selection at Pasadena International Film Festival
Official Selection at Martha's Vineyard Film Festival, Shorts for Kids Program

Two friends with distinct personalities approach life differently; in this video, Bruno is the calm, patient lake to Natalia's competitive, driven nature. Dance is the medium that brings balance, reminding us all of the joy found in the simple moments.

This is a site-specific piece, shot "guerrilla style" in Highland Park. The dancers and I were very careful to minimize intrusion with the residents and their adorable children while they enjoyed their day at the local park. Be sure to watch 'til the end for some outtakes. Thank you for watching!

Choreography/Direction/Editing: Lilian Manansala
Starring: Natalia Quintana-Reyna Bruno Koskoff @brunoilk
Song: #88
Artist: Lo-Fang

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