Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Nationality: Colombia/ USA
Biography: Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres is a Colombian freelance photographer whose work is centered around advancing human rights through visual communication. Her focus is on migration, protests, access to safe water and sanitation and other social and... read on
2018 Documentary Essay Prizewinner- Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
nastassia kantorowicz torres
May 31, 2018

I want to thank the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University for awarding the project "Point d'eau" the 2018 Documentary Essay Prize. This recognition will help the project reach a broader audience, and continue denouncing the French government's disrespect for human rights towards populations in transit.
 2018 Documentary Essay Prizewinner: Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres | Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
2018 winner, for Photography: Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres Honorable Mentions to Jošt Franko and Paweł Starze


By Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres —


Latin American Fotografía 7 Winners and Archive

By Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres — I am grateful to announce an image of my on-going project "Point d'eau" (French for no water or water point) was selected as a winner..

Editor's Picks Documentary Award The Independant

By Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres — I was quite happy to see one of my images from the project Ralph Avenue selected for the Editor's Picks Documentary Award of The Independant..
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