Attilio Fiumarella

Planet Plastic
Location: vancouver
Nationality: italian
Biography: Attilio Fiumarella is a photographer interested in social landscapes. His work focus on identity, social justice, migration and environment. Attilio was born in Italy and moved to Portugal in 2003 to complete his degree in architecture. He worked... read on
Public Story
Planet Plastic
Credits: attilio fiumarella
Date of Work: 11/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/05/20
Recycling is to the saving the environment what cello tape is to a sinking boat. Only 10% of the plastic waste is collected for recycling in North America and too often the waste sent to recycling is contaminated or not processable. This means that a very small portion of the plastic will be reused and most of it will end up in landfills. In this ongoing series, I used disposed items collected from the garbage to create an imaginary world made entirely of plastic. The images of this artificial world cover the landscape images almost completely. This series is meant to spark reflections on what earth might look like if no action is taken.

By Attilio Fiumarella —


The Swimmers

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By Attilio Fiumarella — In October 25th 2013, a fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) was found on the Portuguese coast - Praia da Apulia, Esposende. Due to its big dimension..

British Subject

By Attilio Fiumarella — The status ‘British Subject’ was mainly used between 1949 and 1982 for citizens from the Commonwealth. After changes in legislation, the..
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