Attilio Fiumarella

British Subject
Location: vancouver
Nationality: italian
Biography: Attilio Fiumarella is a photographer interested in social landscapes. His work focus on identity, social justice, migration and environment. Attilio was born in Italy and moved to Portugal in 2003 to complete his degree in architecture. He worked... read on
Public Story
British Subject
Credits: attilio fiumarella
Date of Work: 01/01/14 - 02/28/19
Updated: 12/02/19
Location: England
The status ‘British Subject’ was mainly used between 1949 and 1982 for citizens from the Commonwealth. After changes in legislation, the term became obsolete and was replaced with ‘British Citizen’.
The title of this work, refers specifically to second generation British citizens. It also alludes to Subject as a matter, or a topic of British nature. The new generation of Britain grew up at the intersection of ‘subject’ and ‘citizen.’ This work portrays their complex cultural identities; partly tied to their parents’ heritage and partly to the place where they were raised. It explores the shifting social landscape between the old England and the new one.
This work is meant to challenge the audience on the meaning of identity and belonging in the climate of cultural convergence we live in. The work is supported with documents, personal stories and images. It takes multiple approaches to capture the essence of a complex and multilayered subject. I focused on the most prominent groups with backgrounds from the former colonies. The establishment and contribution of these communities is visible in the many aspects that define the social and cultural landscape, including music, art, food, architecture, fashion, and faith.
My work gives special emphasis to these moments in the social landscape where both cultural heritages are visible and maintain a certain balance between themselves.


By Attilio Fiumarella —


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By Attilio Fiumarella — In October 25th 2013, a fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) was found on the Portuguese coast - Praia da Apulia, Esposende. Due to its big dimension..
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