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Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker
Location: Italy
Biography: Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker based in Italy_Available for assignments worldwide cecilia.fasciani@gmail.com __ I'm a director, screenwriter and photojournalist, currently living in Bologna, Italy, where I completed a Master's... MORE
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I promise - documentary
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Updated Jan 2022
Location Italy
Topics Activism, Civil Rights, Documentary, Earthquake, Emotion, Featured Film, Feminism, Film, Freedom, Human Rights, Internalareas, Perspectives, Politics, Reporting, Video, Videos, Womens Rights
To date, the situation in the areas hit by the earthquakes in central Italy is disastrous, with many small towns in danger of never becoming what they were before the tremors. Once the media wave has passed, it seems that the situation no longer concerns the public debate. But there are many people who stayed in those internal areas, committed to fight and to ensure that their land keeps on living. That is why we thought it was important to tell all this through a documentary, which tells four stories of daily resistance based in four different towns hit by different earthquakes during the last decade. Campotosto, Ussita and L'Aquila are the places where we went to meet them. In particular, the narration revolves around the stories of four women, Assunta, Patrizia, Valentina and Antonietta, why they decided to stay, how they fought and continue to fight every day, how they created networks of solidarity between the towns and cities affected, how they promoted meetings, fundraising, debates, as well as the relationship of each of them with the surrounding nature, the Apennines, some of the oldest mountains in Europe. The resistance of these women, their memory, their friendships and their hopes is what has been told through the images.

WINNER Top Indie Film Awards: Best Documentary Feature and Best Message;
OFFICIAL SELECTION: L.I.M.P.A Film Festival, Suburbinale International Film Festival, Ariano International Film Festival, PRISMA Film Awards, DUMBO Film Festival, IntimaLente/IntimaLens Film Festival, Finalista Artelesia Social Film Festival, Semifinalist Utah Film Festival & Awards, Semifinalist New Harvest НОВЫЙ УРОЖАЙ FF. 
Year of production: 2018-2019.
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