Elizabeth Krist

Photo Editor
Formerly With National Geographic
Location: New York City, New York
Biography: Elizabeth Cheng Krist was a Senior Photo Editor with National Geographic magazine for over 20 years. Before that, she worked at Fortune magazine and at Asia magazine. She has also produced stories for Magnum Photos and for the travel quarterly... read on
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elizabeth krist
Sep 18, 2020
Location: Online
OCTOBER 1ST-4TH, 2020—Join the Leica Akademie USA for a very special Masterclass Weekend online with internationally recognized, award-winning National Geographic contributing photographer, Lynn Johnson, and acclaimed photo editor Elizabeth Krist.



Whether an amateur, professional, or enthusiast, we share one important quality of photography, we are alone as we peer through the viewfinder. We frame and choose the instant alone, elevating a moment as the “best,” then offer it to a client, friend, or loved one and hope for a glimmer of understanding.

This workshop provides the rare opportunity for a small group of students to come together with internationally recognized, award-winning National Geographic contributing photographer Lynn Johnson to explore the creative process of photography.

Emphasis will be placed on the concept of “working with intention” with a focus on critical skills of photographic image-making, sensitivity to light,  design of the frame, and the power of the emotional moment. Most importantly, we will discuss how to get “unstuck” creatively so you can advance your personal style and build visually driven projects.


  • Exercises to help develop your creative eye
  • Breaking down the elements of storytelling
  • Discovering lyrical moments in our everyday
  • Advancing a passion project
Using Lynn’s and Elizabeth’s creative path in photography as a point of inspiration, the class will discover the keys to creating successful visual stories, as well as insight into the process used by National Geographic to evaluate, edit, and develop projects.

Combining lectures, hands-on creative assignments, and group critique, the mission of this class is to build a community of photographers who are curious, collaborative, and passionate. This 4-day workshop is designed to serve anyone who considers photography part of their life.


THURSDAY: (11:00am – 2:00pm ET)
Lecture, Student Introductions, Assignments, Optional Portfolio Reviews.
FRIDAY: (11:00am-2:00PM ET)                                                        
Lecture, Assignments
SATURDAY: (11:00am–2:00pm ET)
Lecture & review the second assignment.
SUNDAY: (11:00am–5:00pm ET)              
Day of Editing, Lunch break, Final Review, Closing Discussions.


Designed with intermediate to advanced photographers in mind, this weekend will focus on the creative process and photographic techniques that can reveal new ways of seeing and approaching projects.

Photographers with an interest in connecting with strangers, and in approaches to being both engaged and observational from behind the lens, are encouraged to register.  
This class will not cover basics, such as the operation and settings of the camera.
Owning a Leica is not required. A limited selection of cameras will be available for loan, by request. Leica will ship a camera kit to you for use throughout the weekend.
(Offer limited to US-based students only.)


Enrollment is strictly limited to 10 participants.

We are offering one person a scholarship for the workshop. Interested? Please write to us at Akademie@leicacamerausa.com and send a link with up to 20 images or your website along with a short bio about yourself. Include a short essay on why you think taking part in this program will help your creative vision. The deadline to apply September 14th, 2020.

Currently enrolled college students and active military personal qualify for a discount. Please contact us directly for more information. Akademie@leicacamerausa.com

Photographing with Intention: Lynn Johnson & Elizabeth Krist – Online – October 1st -4th, 2020 - Leica Akademie USA

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