Women's March CDMX

Alejandra Rajal | Photographer | January 21, 2017

Hello there, I'm heading today to Mexico City to the sister march taking place in front of the US embassy to photograph the event.  I will be keeping an update on my instagram and twitter for anyone interested to see the course of the event in Mexico!

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Whose Streets? Our Streets! at the Bronx Documentary Center

Sara Rosen | Editor | January 20, 2017

As we enter a brave new world filled with threats unfolding against the citizens of this nation by the very hand of the government it purports to serve, we can look to the recent past to find inspiration in the power of the people and their will to speak truth to power by any means necessary. From race relations, policy brutality, and war to gay rights, abortion, and housing, ever issue facing the common man and woman was addressed by organizers who understood the power of mass protests. Civil disobedience , a term coined by no less that Henry David Thoreau in an essay of the same name penned in 1849, takes the high road of political activism. Grounded in the moral welfare of the people, it is a practice that is American at its core, for this country was founded upon the refusal to accept state-sanctioned abuse that openly violated human rights. Read the Full Story at Crave Online Photo: Squatters attempt to defend their building by blocking the street with overturned cars and trash before an expected attack by the police on East 13th Street. 1995 © Andrew Lichtenstein

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OPPORTUNITY: The 2017 Artist-in-Residency Program and Schedule

Visura Network | Organization | January 20, 2017

Located in Stowe, Vermont—the residency is an invite-only opportunity available for Visura members, who are photographers, photojournalists, writers, curators, filmmakers and/or editors. The program offers a time of reflection, research, editing, presentation and/or production. The residency..

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National Portrait Gallery, London, Instagram Takeover

Matthew Hamon | Photographer | January 20, 2017

Flattered to be asked to do an Instagram takeover of The  National Portrait Gallery 's account this week. For other images on display in London for the 2016 Taylor Wessing Prize, check out their feed below ( https://www.instagram.com/nationalportraitgallery/ ). This is one of my favorite..

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Winner of the Jerwood / Photoworks Grant

Alejandra Carles-Tolra | Photographer | January 20, 2017

Beyond excited to announce that I have been awarded a  Jerwood Visual Arts  /  Photoworks  grant! The award means support for time and space to research and develop new work, with access to a significant production fund and mentoring over a year-long period with great..

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Sag Harbor Fire Destroys Iconic Theater / Lindsay Morris for NY Times

lindsay morris | Photographer | January 19, 2017


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Anthony Friedkin: The Gay Essay

Sara Rosen | Editor | January 19, 2017

In the Tao Te Ching, Leo Tzu observes, “Nature does not hurry, but everything is accomplished,” recognizing the way in which the Universe works, for what is meant to be occurs as it naturally unfolds through human experience. Perhaps artists are particularly sensitive to the times in..

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New Book: SHOT: 101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America

powerHouse Books | Organization | January 19, 2017

powerHouse Books is pleased to present our forthcoming title SHOT: 101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America by Kathy Shorr on sale April 4, 2017. The increasing ubiquity of gun violence has become the norm across the world and particularly in the United States, where we have begun to hear..

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Woodlots for recreation and investment for the NYT

Sarah Rice | Photographer | January 19, 2017

I spent a beautiful freezing day on these 96 acres in Exeter, Maine, for the New York Times.  The story is about people buying woodlots to be able to harvest the timber slowly while they enjoy the property by cross-country skiing, hunting, maple-sugar harvesting, etc.  

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Robert Manning Prize awarded to Steven Edson

Steven Edson | Photographer | January 18, 2017

Steven Edson won the Robert Manning prize at the Arts Connect juried exhibition currently showing at the Catamount Arts in St Johnsbury, Vermont. With over 500 entries, Steve's work, from his series 'Road Paint' took 2nd place and was awarded by visiting juror, Andrea Rosen of the Fleming..

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Anastasia Photo Gallery

Sarah Blesener | Photographer | January 18, 2017

Thrilled to be signed as an emerging photographer with Anastasia Gallery here in NYC.

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