Diana Takacsova

Between Realities
Location: Bayreuth, Germany
Nationality: Slovak
Biography: Diana Takacsova is a visual storyteller whose work revolves around questions of identity, physical and emotional connection to place, migration, and the human relationship to nature and environment. She bridges various ways of storytelling, and... read on
Public Story
Between Realities
Copyright diana takacsova 2021
Updated 06/23/20
Location Belgium
It’s as if time has been suspended for the past months. Our priorities changed. Streets emptied. Our conversations changed. The fragility of the systems we put in place surfaced. This period has taught me many things: one of them was slowing down.

Just returning to Europe from the Middle East - and constantly either being on the move or just immersing myself in my work and everyday life - this spring has been a period of reinvention – and, in some form, relief, too. I don’t remember the last time I followed nature’s changes so closely, almost religiously – as if a discovery of a previously unseen blooming tree – or simply observing wild animals – was an entirely new sight.

This period has allowed my partner and I to spend time surrounded by nature, which has been an ultimate refuge in a reality where the daily program shrunk to the very basics. Nature didn't stop just because we had to: a hopeful continuation of our existence.

This project stems from the bright and dark moments of the time when our lives were put on hold, according to the definition we had at the time.

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