Citlali Fabian

Visual Artist and Storyteller
Location: London, UK
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Yalalteca, Mexican visual artist and storyteller based between Mexico and the United Kingdom. She uses photography to explore ways of addressing identity and its connections with territory, migration, and community bonds. Fabián is a 2020... read on
Public Story
"Beyond the color of my skin, my blood is mestiza, my way of thinking, the way I look, and the way people look at me… the condition that others pointed out in me, that today I take for mine."

Mestiza is a term to refer to people who shared half indigenous and half caucasian blood. An adjective used to consolidate the identity of a nation, based on the idealization that our mixed-race was favored from its white/Spanish heritage. The term as I see is a volatile mark to show a distinction and race supremacy. This photo essay attempts to show the glory of a variety of women within our mixed culture.

Over history, women in the world have been suffered from discrimination. In Mexico being a woman and also looks like an indigenous put us in a really vulnerable position. Mestiza is a photo project to amplify our voices, the images of contemporary Mexican women. It’s a platform to make us visible in a way where the photographic act is crucial when it encourages us to give a part of ourselves to make it possible. That's why I choose Wet Plate Collodion, a Nineteenth-century photographic technique to make these portraits.

I call this a series of collaborative portraits of women in my life, in an exploration of our identity.  The women in my portraits are friends and family, I chose them and asked them to participate because I was looking for people who I felt close to, people who I felt empathetic with. They are my mom, cousins, nieces, and friends. They put their time and souls in these images. I waited and I captured them.

My hope is to show what captivates my attention from them and how they respond when we are open to dialogue, to create a representation of ourselves. To re-shape the image of our identity. This is to encourage us to appreciate and embrace ourselves from our strengths, but also our weakness as a vibrant part of our complex culture.


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