Citlali Fabian

Visual Artist and Storyteller
Cuando el viento nos lleva lejos, taking over public space
Location: London, UK
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Yalalteca, Mexican visual artist and storyteller based between Mexico and the United Kingdom. She uses photography to explore ways of addressing identity and its connections with territory, migration, and community bonds. Fabián is a 2020... read on
Public Story
Cuando el viento nos lleva lejos, taking over public space
Copyright citlali fabian 2021
Updated 02/26/21
Location Oaxaca

Over the last years, one of my primary goals has been to bring my work to the public space, to connect with the public outside of the limited space of a gallery or a museum, this is the first mural possible in collaboration with KDABRA studio in Oaxaca city, Mexico.

The photo mural represents the portrait of Melina, a yalalteca descendant based in Oaxaca city. Melina reflects the identity we share, our Yalalteca-Zapoteca culture, migrating, changing, full of shades, and well-rooted to our souls. A thought in Zapoteco frames the image, Zapoteco is the mother language of my ancestors, it is a call to resist, to keep sharing, and open paths for the ones coming.

- Cha be'nha llislas lliu' situlhe bi bilhaka gapchi da bkuan xtaullo ka -
If the wind takes us far away, my sisters will take care of our ancestors' legacy.

This mural was created in collaboration with my friends David, Victor, and Ivan from KDABRA studio, thanks to all the people involved in this project, especially to my parents to be part of my Zapotec learning process and to Ana Ortiz for helping me with the grammar.

February 2021

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