mara catalan

Photographer/artist/black and white fine art printer
The trunk: en claro_oscuro
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: Spanish
Biography:     I’m an immigrant to New York from Spain, I’m a story teller, a photographer and a videographer, a printer and a book maker.  I’m also an avid collector of histories and a lover of archives. My grandfather and my... read on
Public Story
The trunk: en claro_oscuro

Looking through a trunk full of memories we often find a photo that makes us 
stop in time and takes us into a space, distant but close where memories 
begin to flow through our mind, leaving us with a feeling of longing, as if 
we were missing something while we gain back our past. 
Sometimes the look of a character of an unknown portrait reminds us of that 
friend we never had or the brother who left us to early, or maybe it is the 
smile of a baby with deep eyes eyes who makes us think of all those other 
children who in our world live struggling to survive. Other times, the photos 
are nothing more than fuzzy landscapes or reflections of the daily life of people 
with whom we shared a moment connected with_in our space, because we 
understand that even though we will never see them again, distance in time 
has brought them to our unconsciousness making them part of us forever.
To exist, you have to be, and to be is not to forget. This trunk of mine 
of memories stays with me forever.


By mara catalan —

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