mara catalan

Photographer/artist/black and white fine art printer
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: Spanish
Biography:     I’m an immigrant to New York from Spain, I’m a story teller, a photographer and a videographer, a printer and a book maker.  I’m also an avid collector of histories and a lover of archives. My grandfather and my... read on
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CHICKEN SKIN -a video Installation by Mara Catalan
mara catalan
Feb 23, 2018

Woke up to this great news ( click on video to watch)

My video CHICKEN SKIN is streaming with the release of the upcoming release of the compilation Ende vom Lied on vinyl.

About my film:
"I had a dream about this place. A dream that went into the multiple layers of my subconscious bringing to life conceptual thoughts, that appears fragmented and had no relationship within each other, only to bare meaning in the contents of one another. It is two worlds trying to coexist. A dream, turns into a dream turns into to the unconscious sense where things that happen actually didn’t, an illusion of a reality that brings to life the most inner desires and fears.
The music from Ornament & Verbrechen and Der Demokratische Konsum was essential to recreate that feeling.”
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Upcoming release Format: Double LP w/ 4 pages inlay in English and German with detailed band and song descriptions. Band: Various artists Release date: April 2018 Genre: Punk, underground, post punk, avant-garde, art rock Texts & compilation:...


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