BRYCE Watanasoponwong

Photographer and visual storyteller
Ordinary Wonders
Location: Bangkok
Nationality: Thai-Australian
Biography: BRYCE Watanasoponwong is a Thai-Australian photographer and visual storyteller. He is interested in producing a narrative series that evoke emotion and make a personal impact. Becoming more involved in how is photography is perceived, through his... read on
Public Story
Ordinary Wonders
Credits: bryce watanasoponwong
Date of Work: 08/01/12 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/27/20
"I just happen to like ordinary things. When I paint them I don't try to make them extraordinary. I just try to paint them ordinary-ordinary,–Andy Warhol.

The Beauty of Humanity

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is one of our greatest gifts. It's all too easy to get caught up in the bustle and monotony of everyday life and stop seeing all the remarkable things that surround us -- glimpses of kindness, snapshots of humanity. It's the difference between indifferently looking at the familiar and seeing the value that lies behind it.

Ordinary Wonders is a photographic series depicting a snapshot of daily human lives. It aims to show time and narrow the viewer's focus to momentary episodes of the daily lives of strangers you'll never meet, but who are connected to you and everyone else. So next time when you see your neighbours out and about do not be shy to greet them.

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