Sulejman Bijedic

Independent Photographer
Odavle samo u harem
Location: Sardinia
Nationality: Italian/Bosnian
Biography: Sulejman Bijedić (b. 1988) is a documentary photographer born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lives in Italy, where he came as a child when his family fled the conflict in Bosnia in 1993. His interests focus mainly on how habits and culture define... read on
Public Story
Odavle samo u harem

Odavle samo u harem
- In memoriam Abdulah Boškailo

Počitelj, "the city of stone" - as named by the Yugoslav writer Ivo Andrić -  is a small village in Herzegovina located just close by the Neretva River.

During the 90's war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the HVO armed groups forced its inhabitants to flee their homes, committing a real ethnic cleansing with systematic killings and deportations to concentration camps.

Twenty years after the end of those atrocities, only a small fraction of the population came back to live in Počitelj and to devote themselves again to what has always been their main source of subsistence: the land.

“Odavle samo u harem“ - which literally means "From here only to the cemetery” - will be the testimony of the ancestral bond between the village and those who belong to it, the sons and daughters of Počitelj.