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Figure 8 Racing in Idaho
Location: Idaho/ Wyoming
Nationality: USA
Biography: I became a photographer by lucky accident in China in 1996. I walked in to the Reuters Beijing Bureau asking if they might want to buy a photo, and walked out with a job. The first major story I covered was the Hong Kong Handover. Since then this... MORE
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Figure 8 Racing in Idaho
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Updated Aug 2023
Location Driggs, Idaho
Topics Documentary, Essays, Event, Feature, Journalism, Photography, Travel
Scenes from the "Figure 8 " racing, the grand finale of the Teton County Fair in Driggs, Idaho. 
The grand finale of the Teton County fair is the "Figure 8 Racing." The track is shaped in an 8 shape, which creates opportunities for collisions. Racers come from all over south east Idaho to participate and use old cars, in late or last stages of decrepitude. Many of the cars run on flat ties and steam and/or smoke can be seen (and smelled) wafting out from under the hoods, and other orifices.

The car that survive several heats and completes the most laps receives a cash prize. 
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Figure 8 Racing in Idaho by natalie behring
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