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Cobalt Mining in Idaho
Location: Idaho/ Wyoming
Nationality: USA
Biography: I became a photographer by lucky accident in China in 1996. I walked in to the Reuters Beijing Bureau asking if they might want to buy a photo, and walked out with a job. The first major story I covered was the Hong Kong Handover. Since then this... MORE
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Cobalt Mining in Idaho
Copyright natalie behring 2023
Date of Work Jul 2023 - Jul 2023
Updated Sep 2023
Location Cobalt, Idaho
Topics Climate Change, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Essays, Globalization, Industrial, Journalism, Landscape, Nature, Photography, Photojournalism, US Politics, World
Images from the only cobalt mine in North America in Salmon Idaho July 2023. Photos made for the Wall Street Journal
Images of the only primary cobalt mine in the United States and will supply a critical metal necessary for electric vehicles, energy generation and distribution, defense and other industries and plays a key role in the transition to the low carbon economy.

The mine has been built by the Australian mining company Jervois in 2019, but has yet to commence mining cobalt as the price of too low to make a profit.

Bryce Crocker, CEO of Jervois  has pointed to cratering cobalt prices fueled by Chinese mining in the Congo, which produces about 70 percent of the world’s cobalt. Most of that cobalt is processed in China for use in EV batteries. Despite having its necessary permits in hand, Crocker said the mine will sit idle in the remote Salmon River Mountains along the state’s historic cobalt belt until the price of the mineral climbs up to $25 per pound.
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Cobalt Mining in Idaho by natalie behring
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