Audrey Cordova Rampant

Photojournalist - Filmmaker
Location: Lima, PerĂº
Biography: Born in France in 1989. French and peruvian heart. Photojournalist, filmmaker and digital storytelling producer. Covers environment issues, corruption, human rights.
Public Story
Credits: audrey cordova rampant
Updated: 03/29/20
Location: Lima, Peru

Desaparecidas, 2018  

"Disappeared women" is a project about the machismo in the Peruvian state and the lack of protocols in order to look for disappeared women in a country with high level of femicide. It is also a project about the fight of four families in order to find the truth about where are their daughter, sister or friend. Families have to face obstacles and machista comments at the police station, prosecutors or judges. They have to deal with a police and justice system not prepared to search for their relatives.

This project has been published in Radio Programas del Peru in 2018 in an interactive documentary. It was finalist in 2018 at the Digital Media Latin America Awards of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. In 2019, it won the third place in web photography category at Picture of The Year LATAM contest (POY LATAM).