Audrey Cordova Rampant

Photojournalist - Filmmaker
Location: Lima, Perú
Nationality: French and peruvian
Biography: Born in France in 1989. French and peruvian heart. Photojournalist, filmmaker and digital storytelling producer. Covers environment issues, corruption, human rights.
Public Story
Las rutas del oro
Credits: audrey cordova rampant
Date of Work: 09/01/20 - 09/07/20
Updated: 09/06/20

Las rutas del oro (“Behind the Dirty Gold”, 2015) is a documentary transmedia project about illegal gold mining in five amazonian countries: Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia. 

The documentary (25’) shows how gold trafficking works at the borders of Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.  

The other format is an interactive documentary about the illegal trade of Amazonian gold in the five countries. Through testimonies of illegal minors, researchers and authorities, this project shows how illegal gold trade is carried out in one of the most biodiverse areas of the world, and why efforts to end illegal gold trade need to be amplified. You will be part of the journey and will meet characters who will explain to you their relation with gold mining and how this activity has an impact on their lives. 

Produced by the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law. Developed with Racontr technology.

Director: Jimmy Carrillo and Audrey Cordova.
Authors: Jimmy Carrillo, Audrey Cordova and Jérémy Joly.
Producer: Audrey Cordova.
Investigation: Oscar Castilla, Nelly Luna, Fabiola Torres, Audrey Cordova.
Camera: Audrey Cordova.
Interactive producer: Jérémy Joly.
Video editing and post-production: Antonio Soto.
Designer: Otto Alegre, Lucas de la Cruz.
Developer: Racontr.

2015, Nominated with 5 others projects as finalists for the Visa d'Or du Webdocumentaire award at the Festival du Photojournalisme Visa pour l'Image de Perpignan for the interactive documentary "Las rutas del oro".

2015, Best Journalist Camera Award in National Journalism Awards of Peru from the Press and Society Institute (IPYS), for the interactive documentary Las rutas del oro (Behind the dirty gold). 

2016, Official selection of the Gabo Awards 2016 (Fundación Gabo) in coverage category. 

2020, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology included the project "Las rutas del oro" in the DOCU BASE of the Open Documentary Lab.

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