Perry Aston

Community of Courage
Location: Blatimore
Nationality: American
Biography: Perry Aston is a freelance photographer in the DC area. 12 years as a combat photographer in the Air Force, Perry has gained skills in Aerial photography, portraits, documentary, and photojournalism. 15 years as a volunteer firefighter in 3... read on
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Community of Courage
Credits: perry aston
Date of Work: 02/06/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/21/19
Location: washington, DC
The Volunteer fire service is deeply rooted in American history and tradition. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams were all Volunteer firefighters. Some of America's great fires were fought by volunteers.  

For 85% of the United States today, volunteer firefighters are the first responders. They come home from their paid jobs and sacrifice their time away from friends and family to protect their neighbors and community. Usually, society has no idea the men and women answering the call are risking their lives for no money. However, the volunteer firefighter is a dying breed. Increased training requirements and busier lifestyles are making it progressively challenging to recruit and retain firefighters. This project is a way to show the communities the faces on the men and women who protect their communities. Using a diptych style to show the contrast between the uniform they wear to earn a living and the other one they wear to protect lives and property.

I'm looking for any critiques and guidance on how to give these people the spotlight they deserve. Any tips I can better light or pose and also edit my selects for future books I hope to sell and donate to these fire departments to help recruit.