Javier Alvarez

Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Javier Álvarez (Santiago de Chile, 1988) is a documentary photographer with a special interest in social issues. His work is focused on human relationships in neglected communities. Alvarez's work has been exhibited, published, granted... read on
Public Story
Credits: javier alvarez/cecily mauran
Date of Work: 04/03/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/13/19
Location: DENVER
According to the Center for American Progress, by the 2020 presidential election, millennials will be largest voting population, making up around forty percent of the electorate. If there is one thing we can all agree on in politics, it’s that our country is divided. What is less certain is where the future of our country is headed. Exactly how millennials will influence our collective future is the question that this project aims to uncover.

Through interviews across Colorado; a rodeo in Monte Vista, the Southern Ute Bear Dance Powwow in Ignacio, high schools across rural and urban communities, and with representatives from both the Young Republicans and Young Democrats of Colorado, this project’s focus is to humanize some of the voices of the young population in order to better understand their beliefs, where those beliefs came from, and ultimately, how they might influence the next election.

In collaboration with: Cecily Mauran

By Javier Alvarez —

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