Alinne Rezende

photojournalist ▪️visual storyteller
Location: Sao Paulo
Nationality: brazilian
Biography: Photography has always matched with all my passions, all my choices and curiosities. It has always been my best excuse - excuse to be there, to go, to tell, to listen, to come back, to know more or to be just a memory. It has made me think, look,... read on
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Budapest International Foto Awards
alinne rezende
Dec 14, 2020
Thrilled to win an Honorable Mention Budapest International Photo Awards - BIFA 2020 Editorial / Photo essay

This project is an essay about documenting the stories of the women I am blood-related in a search, not only to connect with my roots but also to understand better the feminine strength that rules in me and us.Many times we search for an inspiring...

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News Spotlight

Futuro Ahora by Femgrafía + Foto Féminas

By Alinne Rezende — Futuro Ahora Texto: Karla Guerrero Se entiende el futuro como una concepción lineal de tiempo, un..
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Araçoiaba e o Covid-19

By Alinne Rezende — Next Monday, January, 18th 19h30 ((GMT-3)Time in Brasilia - Federal District. Live, the projection of the..

The Journal exhibition at Festival de Paranapiacaba

By Alinne Rezende — This month we are taking over a metro station in São Paulo - Brazil with the exhibition Mulheres no..

The Ephemeral - the new life of photography

By Alinne Rezende / sao paulo — This article is a continuation or an evolution of the  article on repeatability , if you have not read..

STREET/FORM Pow!Wow! Rotterdam

By Alinne Rezende / Rotterdam —   STREET / FORM runs from 09 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2019 at Hilledijk 105B Rotterdam. The exhibition is..

FFParanapiacaba 2019

By Alinne Rezende / Paranapiacaba — Happy to join the Festival de Fotografia de Paranapiaca, August 30th e 31st and September 01st at..

BRAZILIAN PHOTOJOURNALISM – image production / May 2019

By Alinne Rezende / Brazil — Inspired by Women Photography , where they break down the published images from all the main news media..

The civic part of photography in the society

By Alinne Rezende — It is not new, that even in a generic way we have always had a vague desire to save the world. Perhaps the..

Photography and the repeatability in the post-digital era

By Alinne Rezende — Do you know that famous and old “déjà vu”? Yes, déjà vu! That..

Women in photography

By Alinne Rezende / Sao Paulo — So far, photography is a masculine universe according to a report realized by World Press Photo, Stirling..


By Alinne Rezende — As coisas que vão tirar seu sono, realmente te pegam de surpresa às 3 da tarde de uma..
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