Alan Gignoux

Location: London
Nationality: United Kingdom and United States of America
Biography: Commissions Camera Obscura Refugee project 2019 - present I am using a camera obscura to photograph migrants. Thew subjects appear as blurry figures against a European urban environment that remains clearly in focus. By using this creative... read on
Public Story
The Chesapeake Bay
The Chesapeake Bay's watershed comprises the states of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York.

Sparrows Point in Dundalk, Maryland used to be one of Bethlehem Steel's largest plants, today, it is working at 20% capacity. The problem for the Blue Crabs of the Chesapeake Bay is told by the watermen who catch this Maryland delicacy, it is lifestyle pollution.

Virgil Shockley is a chicken farmer on the Eastern shore and he describes what the EPA regulations are to tackle the plight of the Chesapeake Bay while Tom Walter describes what the city of Baltimore is doing to curb city rubbish going into the Bay.


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