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Visura has become the premier virtual home for photo editors and photographers to access resources and communicate with one another in a more streamlined personal manner. At the forefront of Visura’s mission is getting photographers’ significant work in front of key industry players and editors, and ultimately getting those photographers hired [...]

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Visura’s no non-sense business ethics and genuine interest in the development of each photographer’s career, is undeniably unique and most importantly effective.

- Rocio De Alba, Photographer

This is a networking platform with a genuine desire behind it to help its members succeed in navigating a changing landscape in photography. I have always been hesitant to join an agency and Visura offered an opportunity to try a new model.

- Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Photographer

For me, Visura is not only a platform for visual communicators stretching from all around the globe, but rather a community. I find great inspiration and I am proud to be connected to such an international talented group of photographers.

- Brian Driscoll, Photographer

Visura is a "central repository" where some of the world's elite photo editors can poke around and discover not just great images but great stories.

- Elizabeth Krist, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic Magazine

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