Luis Adolfo S. Pumarejo

Student & Photographer
Location: Tampico, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican-American
Biography: Adolfo is a mexican-american photographer currently living in Tampico, Mexico. He has been working in several proyects since 2013 when he first began street photography.  As of 2015, he has  continuously  been working on the... MORE
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Updated May 2021
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Topics Confrontation, Emotion, Essays, Fear, Hope, Isolation, Joy, Latin America, Peace, Photography, Sorrow, Street, Yearning
Trapped. That's how I feel within this body of mine. I try to escape from it, but I can't.

Its physical needs and needless terrible thoughts constantly haunt me. Anxiety, sadness, pain, are just a few of the many exciting feelings my body has to offer in this existence.

My soul itches to end it all, pondering “when will my time finally come?” It wants to be free. And it does not concern itself if it bothers me or not to hear it say that conststantly.

I hide from all this in many ways, some worse than others. But I can't hide anymore. I must not.

Yes, I have tried to compromise with myself, but I constanly fail to keep the promise we made.

Surely, I want to be better. I can hear it calling me deep within.

It's a challenge. Many times I've found myself close to giving up, leaving everything built behind. Yet, I have not given up.

Through the screaming of my mind and the pain within my skin, I persist. I stand tall and mighty, for I know what I truly want.

Who am I? What do I want?

They are important questions I must answer, yes. But first, I must find myself. I must be at peace with me. That is my first mission and I am more than willing to do it.

"But, why bother?", my mind asks.

I reply, “Because I love myself, that's why.”

And with that, my quest begins.
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Luis Adolfo S. Pumarejo / Mexico

tampico, lugar de perros de agua

Adolfo Pumarejo / Tampico

the end

Adolfo Pumarejo


Adolfo Pumarejo / Europe
ego by Luis Adolfo S. Pumarejo
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