Acacia Johnson

Location: Charlottesville, VA
Nationality: USA
Biography: Acacia Johnson is a photographer and writer from Alaska, focused on human relationships to wilderness. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Acacia received a Fulbright grant to Canada in 2014, to overwinter on Baffin Island . Since... read on
Public Story
Credits: acacia johnson
Updated: 05/19/13
Location: Alaska


The rain came in sheets and then in waves. It pounded our shelters and soaked into our skin. We awoke to pools of water filling our forest floor. Our rivers grew wild and our tides turned turbulent; first our beaches became scattered with ice, then dead trees, drifted in from distant bays. The glacier thundered all night; the fog grew thicker. Our world filled with water, rising from below and pouring from above, and all around us glimmered in its reflections. 

AIALIK was photographed in Aialik Bay in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park during the summer of 2012. Photographed on color film with a medium-format camera, it shapes an open-ended narrative around relationships between body and landscape.

Aialik was the recipient of the TC Colley Scholarship Award at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013. 


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