Wilfredo Riera (1982-2019)

Hometown of Faith
Location: Caracas
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography:       Wilfredo Riera is a freelance photographer from Venezuela. He joined the documentary and photojournalism one year program at The International Center of Photography in New York in 2013.  His work has been published... read on
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Hometown of Faith
Hometown of Faith

Since 1855, each January 14th, the Divina Pastora (Holy Mary) statue is carried by men and women believers from the Santa Rosa church to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Barquisimeto (a walk of approximately 8.5 km). It is one of the largest catholic pilgrimages in the world. More than 2 million people attend this procession.

I grew up in Barquisimeto, Venezuela in the middle of a catholic family and this is why the question of faith is particularly important to me. From 2014 I am documenting all the process of the most important day in my hometown. I wanted my project "Hometown of faith" to document those particular moments lost in the middle of the crowd kept through 160 years of sacred, honest and spontaneous spiritual experience through the Divina Pastora virgin procession. 

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