Wilfredo Riera (1982-2019)

Venezuela's Protest
Location: Caracas
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography:       Wilfredo Riera is a freelance photographer from Venezuela. He joined the documentary and photojournalism one year program at The International Center of Photography in New York in 2013.  His work has been published... MORE
Public Story
Venezuela's Protest
Copyright Wilfredo Riera 2023
Date of Work Mar 2017 - Ongoing
Updated May 2020
Location caracas
Topics Civil Rights, Confrontation, Dictatorship, Documentary, Military, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Street, Weapons

Since 2014, people revolted in Caracas to pressure the Nicolas Maduro's government. The protests began when students demanded to hold elections and improve the collapsing economy of the country. Every year masses of angry citizens took to the streets lead by young protesters while the government security forces have avoided them from reaching the Caracas canter, Supreme Court and electoral authority office. In 2017 these protests turned in violent clashes and according the National Prosecutor Office there are more than 3500 injured people and 135 dead during the worst turmoil faced by the Venezuelan government.

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Venezuela's Protest by Wilfredo Riera
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