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The Visura (Vē-su’-ra: Be seen) Blog features Visura highlights, essays, and announcements—including grants, partnerships, events and open call opportunities and results. 
Location: Brooklyn

Mission is a community platform that easily connects creatives and buyers worldwide in the photography, film, and media industry. Members can build their personal website with a Blog interconnected to a network and self-publishing platform.

Additional tools include access to a file drop, message, and archive system with privacy settings and a database used to discover the best new work and talent. And yes—you can have your own custom domain! 

Our mission is to reduce the amount of time, money and energy that professional individual creatives and buyers invest in having an online presence in order to connect with the photography, film and media industry. 

Our goal is to increase the quality, value and diversification of published content worldwide
 by building a professional database consisting of the key players (creatives, buyers and organizations) that make up the visual arts, journalism and media industry—and their best content. In the last year, our network has grown to span over 3000 members from over 100 countries worldwide.


The technology platform empowers individual professionals and organizations to connect, efficiently. We provide one central place with access to tools to brand yourself, connect, share your work, and access direction and opportunity to further your career. 

Our members save time and money; and, it's easy. 

Today, the Visura platform empowers and connects professional creatives and buyers worldwide, efficiently. Its members can build personal websites, share their work and discover the best new talent and opportunities in one central place. The company operates in the creative and media industries, primarily servicing photographers, editors, publications, non-profit organizations and visual arts schools. In the last year, our network has grown to span over 147 countries.

SAAS model

Visura is a subscription based three-tiered model, where packages start for creatives and buyers at $20/month,, and for organizations at $250/month.

The Company's service offerings include a website builder; an online portfolio site with a blog page featuring news, projects and single images—interconnected to—a networking system; an archiving and messaging system with privacy settings; an advanced search engine; a full 
contest management system, and a marketplace. Its content service offering includes an archive featuring projects and profile members, a community news page, and a file transfer system.