Susan Rosenberg Jones

Photographer - intuitive image maker focused on family and community.
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Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Susan Rosenberg Jones was named a 2017 Critical Mass Top 50 Photographer for her series Second Time Around. She resides in New York City. 
Public Project
Credits: susan rosenberg jones
Date of Work: 03/08/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 03/09/19
I am happily remarried since 2012, but was widowed in 2008. There is nothing like the grief one experiences after a life partner passes away. When I lost my first husband, I searched for books and articles addressing this particular loss - I was looking for comfort from others who'd had that experience. There wasn't much. I meet with widows and widowers of all ages, gay and straight, having been in legal marriages or simply committed partnerships, have a conversation, and make a portrait. This process is emotionally satisfying for me, and my sitters as well, as they tell me. My intention is to share their stories with others who might find some comfort and connection.