Rebecca Gaal

Photographer @ Fujifilm / Based in Ventura, California

Rebecca Gaal is a photographer and creative strategist trained in public health and environmental science who helps organizations bridge the gap between human health and the environment. She crafts narratives and finds unique ways to... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist, Designer, Content Strategist, Health, Travel, Environment, Illustrator, Science, Documentary, Creative, Creative Director, Photography, Art Director, Portraiture, Illustration, Author, Digital Stratagist, Humanitarian, Animals, Impact, Assignments, Educator, Communications, Conservationist, Creative Executive, Entrepreneur, Strategic Outreach , Strategist, Design + Innovation, Consultant, Visual Communications , Business Development, Human Rights, Investigation, International, Creative Professional, Artist, Brand Identity Designer, Brand Strategist, Storyteller, Innovation, Climate, Advocacy, Partnerships, Special Projects, Environmental Stories, Health Stories, International Stories, Wildlife, Wildspaces, Conservation, Community, Sustainable Travel, National Park stories, Still Photographer, Landscape, Portrait Photography, Nature, Creator, Visual Storyteller, Brand
Skills: Research, Infrared Photography, Color Correction, Film Scanning, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Book Layout/Design, Set Design, Photo Editing, Storyboarding, Technical Drawing, Mixed Media, Illlustration, Branding, Typography, Art Direction, Photojournalism, Product Design, Web Development, Fundraiser, Marketing, Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint), Content Strategist, Design Thinking, Content Strategy, Corporate Brand Guidelines , Shareholder Letters, Data Visualizations, Press Materials, Brand Campaigns, Posters, Design Director