Neil Kramer

Photographer and Writer
New York Now: Museum of the City of New York
Location: Queens, New york
Nationality: American
Biography: Neil Kramer is a dynamic storyteller with twenty years of experience in photography, writing, and filmmaking.  His work combines humor and compassion in the telling of stories about personal relationships, including those from his own life.... MORE
New York Now: Museum of the City of New York
neil kramer
Mar 13, 2023
I'm honored to have three of my photos I took during the pandemic of my home life included in the first installation of a new photography triennial from the Museum of the City of New York, “New York Now: Home.” Featuring lens-based work from 33 contemporary artists across the city’s five boroughs, the exhibition considers the literal places we dwell and the homes we choose to make.  The exhibit is opening tomorrow, March 10, and running through the summer.
New York Now:  Museum of the City of New York
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New York Now:  Museum of the City of New York by Neil Kramer
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